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Board of Commisioners

President Commisioner            Moleonoto (Paulus Moleonoto)

Commisioner                           Axton Salim

Commisioner                           Werianty Setiawan

Commisioner                           Hendra Widjaja

Independent Commisioner       Edy Sugito

Independent Commisioner       Monang Silalahi


Board of Directors

President Director                    Benny (Benny Tjoeng)

Vice President Director I          Tan Agustinus Dermawan

Vice President Director II        Tio Eddy Hariyanto

Director                                   Mark Julian Wakeford

Director                                   Joefly Joesoef Bahroeny


Audit Committee

Chairman                                 Monang Silalahi (Independent Commissioner)

Members                                 Hendra Susanto

                                                Dr. Timotius, Ak

Nomination & Remuneration Committee

Chairman           Monang Silalahi  (Independent Commissioner)

Members           Moleonoto (Paulus Moleonoto)

                          Melia Setiawati