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Lonsum Launches “Kahuripan” Tea 


Kahuripan Tea is a downstream tea product from Kertasarie, Pengalengan, West Java.  Kertasarie tea estate is owned by PTPP London Sumatra Indonesia Tbk (Lonsum), a subsidiary of PT SIMP as part of IndoAgri, Indofood Group.  Located 1600 to 1825 meters above sea level, the 600-hectare Kertasarie estate is one of the most elevated tea plantations in Indonesia, hence a very good environment for tea cultivation.

Kertasarie estate, operating since 1908, has been processing its harvests in its own factory with a capacity of 35 tonnes per day.  Most of the tea leaves produced have been sold to tea packaging companies both domestically and abroad. Lonsum now starts its own downstream product by manufacturing tea bags with the brand “Kahuripan” a name synonymous to “Life.” 


For further information  please contact : marketing.kahuripan@londonsumatra.com.
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For information and order please contact marketing.kahuripan@londonsumatra.com