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Our Materiality Assessment

Our materiality assessment process 2017 – 2018 aligns with reporting principles expected by GRI; it shows our material topics and where the relevant impacts occur in our value chain.

We assess the potential impact on (i) the business and (ii) external stakeholders and the environment.

The foundation assessment of potential risks/opportunities was based on research and a senior management workshop ini 2017. Subsequently, the prioritisation process was informed by other internal meetings, customer engagement, peer reviews, media research, engagement with international NGOs as well as social impact assessments at site level. Notwithstanding our transition to GRI Standards, we account for the Additional Guidance shown on p20 of GRI's Food Processing Sector Disclosure guidance. In this regard, our Report presents our Management Approach and performance relating to sourcing.

Stakeholder engagement through the year provides information for the materiality assessment.

In 2018 and 2019 we revisited and updated the foundation assessment. Our senior management re-validated the issues in 2017 in a process supported by external sustainability consultants who endorsed the decision that the relative importance of material issues is still valid.

[GRI 103-1]

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