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Programme 3 : Safe and Traceable Products

Our Safe and Traceable Products Programme and the supporting quality assurance processes aim to ensure that all our products are safe for human consumption. We achieve this by complying with international and local food safety standards and certifications, and stipulating the same level of food safety commitment from our suppliers through our Sustainable Palm Oil Policy and Responsible Supplier Guidelines.

Our products are fortified with minerals and vitamins as required by legislation. Nutritional value is enhanced for certain products as an added health benefit to customers, and for product differentiation.


Tracing the origins of the CPO, the primary raw material used in our edible oil refineries is an important priority. Today, we are able to trace all FFB that arrive at our oil palm mills to the nucleus and managed plasma plantation and field where it had been planted.

Each consumer product that leaves our refineries bears a batch number, which can be traced back to the production line, place of manufacture, CPO source and when it was produced.

We will continue to focus on and improve our product traceability along the whole supply chain, not just for CPO, but also for all other major raw materials.

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