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Programme 4 : Smallholders

Lonsum fully supports the Nucleus-Plasma Scheme that was created by the Indonesian government for plantation companies (nucleus) to develop oil palm plots near their plantations for smallholders (plasma). About 40% of our oil palm plasma smallholders are managed independently, the remaining half is managed by Lonsum.

Our Smallholders Programme covers our efforts with the plasma and ex-plasma farmers, and supports the Nucleus- Plasma scheme through the development of inclusive supply chains. We have extended our sustainability efforts beyond our nucleus plantation operations to include our smallholders.

The Indonesian Government plans to make ISPO mandatory for smallholder farmers; we aim to support and assist our smallholders achieve the ISPO certification once it is mandated. In 2018, we assisted one KUD (co-operative) in South Sumatra to achieve the ISPO certification. This smallholder KUD has successfully undergone the ISPO audit.

This programme also sets out practical guidelines on building good relations and engaging with our local communities. To alleviate conflicts relating to land rights and to cultivate strong social relationships, we actively engage with local landowners and community leaders. The benefits have been manifold, including the mitigation of theft, protests, roadblocks and other business disruptions.

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