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Programme 6: Solidarity

We have initiated many community development activities through our Solidarity Programme, which seeks to improve the quality of life in the estates through capacity building, education and financial support.

To tailor our community programmes to the needs of each community and estate, we have started conducting Social Impact assessments through an external party at each of our estates and factories. We consider factors such as the cultural background, literacy rate, living condition and economic situation of the local community before tailoring a programme that suits the developmental need.

Over the years, we have provided support to our local communities in the following areas:

  • Infrastructure development
  • Disaster relief
  • Preservation of culture, including religious activities
  • Sports events
  • Empowerment programmes, including training and financial support for local entrepreneurs
  • Education,including scholarships for employees’ children, incentives for teachers and renovation of school facilities
  • Environmental conservation initiatives outside the estates

We have a flagship programme, IndoAgri Sehati, that consists of several initiatives that have been implemented in group wide level, among other things are:

a. Community Health Programme

We have developed maternity programmes to promote maternal and infant health by improving the effectiveness of the posyandu. We provide expectant mothers with free prenatal checks, immunisation, essential vitamins and minerals,and other gynaecological attention at the estates’integrated health posts, known locally as the posyandu.

Lonsum has also contributed to the public health infrastructure by building medical clinics and emergency care units for the local communities.

b. Cataract Operation

In Indonesia, cataract is a common ailment that is adversely affecting the vision of more than two million people across all age groups. To relieve the visual impairment for the local communities, we are working with doctors from the Indonesian Army to conduct on-site cataract operations for the locals living around our estates. Since 2014, 1,035 patients in Kalimantan, Sumatra and Sulawesi had their vision successfully restored under this programme.

c. Cleft Lip Surgeries

Cleft lip is a common medical condition affecting many children in Indonesia. A lot of families are too poor to pay for a simple operation that can transform their children’s lives. As our children are the future of Indonesia, Lonsum has decided to fully sponsor the cleft lip surgeries for at least 1,000 children in Indonesia. Up until 2015, we have sponsored 32 operations for 30 children under the cleft lip programme.

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