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Fertilizer Recommendation

Fertilizer Recommendation

Fertilizer recommendation is one BLRS service that aims to determine the dosage and type of fertilizer that is optimal for oil palm plantations, good for immature plants (TBM) and mature plants (TM).

By the accurate of dosage and type of fertilizers, the growth and crop productions could reach more optimum level and profitable for longer terms. Beside determining the dosage and types of fertilizers, BLRS also provide additional services of training to the customers; methodology of sampling, field inspection and a complete fertilizer report. Here are the service rates for providing the fertilization recommendations.


Total Area (Ha)


Price (USD / Ha)

Creating new LSU






> 5000




All visit costs such as accommodation, transport and meals are borne by the customer

An example of cost calculation for the garden area of ??6,500 ha: 3,000 ha x Rp. 16.500 2.000 1.500 Rp.16.000 ha ha x x Rp. 14,000 = Rp. 10 2.500.000, - (without creating new LSU).

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