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Located in the center of the  oil palm plantations in North Sumatra, Bah Lias Research Station (BLRS) was established in the early 1980s with the aim of increasing crop yields and profits per hectare for major commodities of PT. PP. London Sumatra Indonesia, Tbk. (Lonsum); oil palm, rubber and cocoa.
For several years, BLRS actively increase their research activities and investment in biotechnology, in line with the goal for improving the high yielding seeds and development of crop protection management system and high class of agronomy.
BLRS staff is supported by the team of international scientists who visit and give advisory about the strategic directions of the research & development programs and conduct an audit of its development.
In recent years, BLRS has streamlined its research & development activities into three main service areas to support the company business that is breeding, agronomy and crop protection.
To fulfill the demand of qualified oil palm seeds, BLRS - Lonsum has started research and development of oil palm plantations to produce superior oil palm varieties since more than 35 years ago. Furthermore that makes BLRS - Lonsum today as the leader of research institutions as well as a qualified and reliable oil palm seed producer in Indonesia.


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