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Oil Palm Seed

Oil Palm Seed

Sumatra Bioscience (SumBio) has a reputation as a producer of oil palm seeds for which has been tested commercially in Indonesia, as well as having the same potential production as plant materials produced from abroad.

The results of tested-commercial BLRS materials show various excellent characters such as:

  1. Dura contamination is very low <1%. This proves that the seeds produced by high cross breeding techniques with strict supervision.
  2. Crown disease is very low (<2%).
  3. It has been proven to have well growth and good performances in both scale, trials and commercial, which were planted in the large plantation areas.
  4. All progenies have a complete historical record so that it can be easier to trace back the parental trees and confirmed ancestors.
  5. Having high production potential where production of fresh fruit bunches (FFB) in a suitable environments can achieve >30 ton TBS / ha / year with oil and kernel yield reach 26% and 6%.
  6. Short immature stage (could be harvested after 2.5 years field planting).
  7. Medium vegetative growth that allow to have longer productive period and could survive up to >25 years before re-planting (replanting).

Price : Rp. 10,500/seed (Free premium allowance ≥ 2% of each shipment of 500,000 grain seeds)

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