About Our Report

Our Sustainability Report 2019 has been prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards: Core option. We have chosen the GRI reporting standards and principles to ensure stakeholder inclusiveness, accuracy, clarity, reliability, and comparability of the information presented in this report. The report also complies with requirements of the SGX-ST Listing Rules Practice Note 7.6 Sustainability Reporting Guide. IndoAgri has not commissioned any third-party assurance on this report. This report should be read in conjunction with our Annual Report. We welcome your feedback or questions at sustainability@indofoodagri.com. Previous reports are available online at www.indofoodagri.com.

Please refer to page 62 of Sustainability Report 2019 for the GRI Content Index.

Scope and profile

IndoAgri is listed on the Singapore Exchange (SGX) with headquarter in Singapore. IndoAgri and its subsidiaries operate plantation and processing facilities to produce palm oil, rubber, sugar, cocoa and tea. The group also operates research and development, seed breeding, manufacturing and marketing of award-winning edible oils brands. This report presents our sustainability performance for 2019. The scope of this report covers our most dominant crop, oil palm, which occupies 83% of our total planted area, and our rubber operations which occupy 6% of our total planted area. We have expanded the scope of this year’s sustainability report to include our rubber operations. There is no significant change to the size, structure or ownership of our company compared to the previous report.

Our environmental data includes the following sites in our palm oil and rubber operations:
  • ISPO-certified/audited plantations: 53 out of 82 sites (2018: 39 sites)
  • ISPO- or PROPER-certified/audited mills: 22 out of 27 sites
  • PROPER-certified/audited refineries: 4 out of 5 sites
  • Rubber plantations: 8 out of 8 sites
  • Rubber factories: 3 out of 4 sites

Financial, employee, community, and health and safety data refer to all operations. Our responsible sourcing and product data include only our palm oil operations.

All page references in this section refer to our Sustainability Report 2019.