Preventing Deforestation

We cleared no primary forest in 2020. Further, we recorded no degradation of High Conservation Value (HCV) land in the 12 month period.

Our Policy aims to prevent deforestation and conserve High Conservation Value (HCV) and High Carbon Stock (HCS) areas. We commit to ensure that there is no new development in HCV areas within our operations and to buying palm oil from smallholders/external suppliers that does not originate from areas cleared of primary forest since 2011.

Prior to any new planting we use the HCS Approach Toolkit which allows estates to quantify carbon stocks of assets and gauge FPIC in the community. Each HCV team has a formal dialogue process with relevant stakeholders about HCV land management, including monitoring, wildlife, signage, borders, and any disturbances.

We will regularly communicate with employees and local communities living around our estates the importance of the HCV areas and the restriction of activities such as hunting, trapping or trafficking of wild animals within them or adjacent to them. The hunting and poaching of wildlife, including rare, threatened and endangered species are prohibited within our plantations.