People & Community

We provide an environment that positively contributes to the livelihoods of our employees and our local communities


At Lonsum, our goal is to ensure that all our employees return home safely everyday. To achieve this goal, we have a constant focus on maintaining a safety culture.

100% of our sites have now set up SMK3 (Sistem Manajemen Keselamatan dan Kesehatan Kerja), the Indonesian Occupational Health and Safety standard. 51 sites (43 in palm oil, 4 in rubber, and 4 in other crop operations) also achieved SMK3 Gold certification.

All workers are required to use PPE equipment. The respective PPE equipment is distributed to workers in line with their specific tasks. Regular training is conducted to raise the awareness on the importance of PPE and to ensure its correct use.

Safety Goals
No Goal/Target Progress (see pages 59-72)
1 Zero fatalities (across total workforce) We regret to report one fatality in our palm oil operation
2 Reduce accident frequency rate (AFR) by 10% between 2018-2020 AFR remained stable from 2018 level at 0.6
3 By 2020: SMK3 certification for 11 mills10 mills received SMK3 certification. 1 mill audited
4Comply with all Indonesian laws and regulations on human rights and labour rights
Full compliance with regulations across all operations
5Revise safety plans for pandemics to ensure safety of workers
Safety plans revised to account for pandemics
6Maintain no forced labour or child labour in our operations and suppliers
Zero incidents of forced labour or child labour